RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: 9/11 Film "Painful Deception" (Feb. 1, Oakland)

You didn't miss much. This film was heavy on the editorializing for my
taste, especially on the theme of "Why isn't anybody listening to me?"
Perhaps the most significant piece of new information for me was that
$15,000,000 had recently been spent on the 23rd floor of WTC7,
supposedly to prepare it as a secure headquarters for Giuliani. But the
preparations were suspicious: Windows were installed to withstand
160-mph winds, which aren't that common in NYC. And the floor had its
own air and water supply. The implication was that that floor was the
command center for the WTC attacks, and needed to withstand shock waves
and pollution from the collapse of WTC1 and WTC2.

This was also the first time I had seen (as opposed to having read) the
interview with Larry Silverstein (landlord of WTC) where he explains,
matter-of-factly, that the Fire Department had told him WTC7 was going
to be "pulled," supposedly because they didn't have enough firefighters
left to deal with the small fires on floors 7 and 12 (which should have
been put out by sprinklers--but perhaps they, like the alarms that day,
had been turned off).

As for why that demolition would be covered up, I think the similarity
of its collapse would immediately raise questions about WTC1 and WTC2.
All three buildings collapsed in free-fall time, into their own
footprints, outside walls collapsing safely to the inside, on top of the
pile. Note the paucity of attention given to WTC7; the Commission
Report admits it has no idea why the building fell down.

There were only about 15 people present, all "true believers"; but it
was good to see Berkeley liberal types concerned about 9/11.

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