RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: 9/11 Film "Painful Deception" (Feb. 1, Oakland)

And the closer we are to the centers of power, the more the motivation
to cover things up.

WT7 didn't collapse until 5 hours or more after the towers; I would
doubt there was anybody left in the building. There's no reason to
believe its collapse was intended to kill anybody. Why do you ask?

I think I may go see the movie, too. Would you like to meet, maybe for
dinner beforehand?

On Behalf Of Derek Jensen

I asked about anyone being killed in WT7 because if there was no one
killed, then I think it may be possible, though doubtful that USGov
leveled the building in a controlled demolition.

Although, I can't see if this was the case why it would have been covered up.

Yes, dinner sounds good, although I'm notoriously bad at being able to
keep appointments, especially in the evening, so it's probably best
that a group of us plan on it and then if I need to eject, then it's
not a big deal.