RE: [lpsf-discuss] Oligarchy wins. Kentucky loses.

David's campaign is too stupid to have a phone number on the website. That's one level more stupid than the Republican and Democratic stupid.

Why the heck would anyone give out a phone number, since not many folks have much to say that is worth listening to? A contact by email page is more than plenty.

But, here are my two cents on the issue at hand, worth listening to or not. True that access to debates, as well as ballot access, is scarce for Libertarian candidates -- an abominable situation. However, there is much that Libertarians can do at the grassroots level to bring the general public's awareness of the party, its principles, and its radical strategies to improve the lives of everyone (except that of bureaucrats). Without visibility -- which comes from everything from posting on general viewing publications, to supporting local Libertarian events, to making friends with local groups in areas of common interest -- we just don't exist.

To summarize my point, we need more boots on the ground doing the basics -- precinct walking, tacking flyers on light posts, writing LTE's, writing Op-Ed's, staffing festival booths, attending Town Halls. Without visibility, the road to debate and ballot access is very difficult.

Just my two cents.