RE: [lpsf-discuss] Now Nukes [Thread from LPSF-activists] Re: Police Petition/Officer Training

It would be a better world if there wasn't a need for these
weapons...but who said it will ever be a better world. That's why
governments shouldn't have monopoly access to these powerful tools. They
also shouldn't have a say in who gets to have them or not.

Anyone who wants to have one and can afford it should be able to have
one. And when people decide they don't want or need them and want to get
rid of them of their own free will, it will certainly be an indication
of human progress. I'm not holding my breath.


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Dear Mike;

Nothing like having your very own holster size pistol packing nuke to get your neighbors attention. Or maybe something of the order like The Starship Troopers had in that movie when they went against the Bugs. Hand held devices with a wallop.

As far as nations having to have nukes it's the old scenario - he's got one so I need one - It's the moronic mentality of the "Leaders".

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian