RE: [lpsf-discuss] My LTE on the 1906 centennial

Send it to the

SF Sentinel at sanfranciscosentinel@...

h.brown at h@...

Randy Shaw at Beyond the Chron at rshaw@...

Good luck


Thanks, Mike. Will do. If anyone else has email addresses for Letters to the Editor, please feel free to post them. I do have some others I haven't sent to yet, such as the NY Times, LA Times, SF Weekly, and the Guardian to name a few, but more never hurts. Maybe more folks will be inspired to write more letters. I know seeing all the letters Ron has been getting published has been reminding me to try to start writing them more frequently again.

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Send it to the

SF Sentinel at sanfranciscosentinel@...

h.brown at h@...

Randy Shaw at Beyond the Chron atrshaw@...

Good luck


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Subject: Re: [lpsf-discuss] My LTE on the 1906 centennial

Thanks, everyone. I'm fairly sure it hasn't been published yet, as I just wrote it and sent it out today. So far it's gone to at least the following media outlets:

SF Chronicle

SF Examiner

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

Fresno Bee

Boston Globe

Time Magazine

I'm still kind of in the process of establishing a separate address book category for letters to the editor; meanwhile I am going to continue going through the media addresses that I have and sending individual emails to each LTE address. It would be easier to send one email to all of them, of course, but I think that if a recipient sees they are not the only addressee, they're less likely to publish it. I've also made some small changes here and there, as seemed appropriate (for instance identifying myself with my Libertarian Party title rather than my candidate title for the non-local outlets).

Yours in liberty,

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This is a wonderful letter to the editor. Was it published and if so where?

Bob Parkhurst rmparkhurst@...

From: Derek Jensen

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Subject: Re: [lpsf-discuss] My LTE on the 1906 centennial





    One hundred years ago this week, San Franciscans and workers from all

over were coming together to rebuild a grand new city from the ruins of

the 1906 earthquake and fire.

    They quickly put up thousands of buildings without zoning laws,

building codes, work permits, public hearings before the planning

commission, environmental impact reports, shadow studies, union work

rules, etc.

    Was this lawless construction a horrible disaster? No, it was a

marvelous success. Some of the city's most beautiful buildings date

from that era and are still standing proudly today.

    San Francisco used to be called &quot;The City That Knows How\.&quot; Today a

more fitting nickname would be "The City That Can't Blow Its Own Nose

Without Government Oversight And Assistance."

    Maybe we can learn something from the San Francisco of 1906\.



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