RE: [lpsf-discuss] Judge Gray article in the Chronicle today

Thanks, Mike. I agree, and I still think I'll send the check; it was
just a shove in the opposite direction from what I needed at the moment,
as I'm contemplating the tightness of my October budget. I also thought
about forwarding Steve Trinward's outstanding essay in today's Rational
Review, about how hard we are on fellow libertarians:

28) Conclusion-jumping and tail-eating
    Rational Review
    by Steve Trinward

"The recent furor over the possible 'failure' of the Libertarian Party
of New Hampshire to get presidential candidate Michael Badnarik on
the November ballot (possibly along with some of their other
candidates -- too soon to tell) prompts me to this response and
deliberation ... WHY is it that we Libertarians are so quick to leap
at the slightest indication of a shortcoming among our flock, and
then -- long before all the facts are in -- immediately begin
pointing fingers as to who was to blame, or how it should have been
done differently, or why we should have known that with Person X in
charge it was doomed from the start?" (09/30/04)