RE: [lpsf-discuss] IRV in SF

Hi Mike,

IRV lost in the courts for this election. There is nothing like running for office to teach you the issues. Feel free to use this group for support while you do this. People I've met on the campaign say it's good to make your big mistakes when you are a rookie, when people notice little. I say the DOE is just a small audience and wouldn't worry about it.

Do your best not to be too aggressive in your approach when getting started. Just go with the flow until you get the feel of things. If you have questions, ask US before confronting THEM. Then formulate your position and go.

Thank you so much for running. It will be a defining moment in your life. Once again, please feel free to work closely with our team.

Best regards

Michael Denny

I second Mike Denny's "thank you" to Mike Dilger for deciding to become a candidate! However, Mike (Dilger), I'm not sorry you asked them that question at the Department of Elections, and the woman's reaction confirms that any embarrassment in it being asked was on their side, not yours. IRV may have lost in the courts, but the courts (in my opinion) were wrong. I think it was a political decision designed to help Gavin Newsom get elected mayor, and the Elections Department (or at least its director, Jon Artz) ought to be held accountable for their role in it.

Yours in liberty,
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