RE: [lpsf-discuss] FW: [gaylibertarian] First the Ten Commandments, now this ....

Thanks for the clarification Steve....but the only connection between the bible and Mein iKampf is that Hilter tried to wrap his evil agenda in the cloak of spirituality and religion. Sound familiar doesn't it? One can't blame the bible for that. And you can't blame the people of the Old Testament for not being perfect either. Life is a process....the Bible stands on its own. And the New Testament rules if you ask me. I appreciate the Old Testament for historical value and the spiritual platform it defined. But Christianity is religion's equivalent of the Internet opinion....and that revolution is based on Christ's love as stated in the New Testament. The Old Testament is history if you ask me. Wonderful but past tense history. The New Testament is still alive. And it lives in Libertarian values.


I agree that dogma (of which religion is one kind) has a long history as a tool for evil. The problem is that once you accept it as a way of understanding the world, all bets are off. It's one person's interpretation of, say, vague and contradictory religious texts or personal revelation verses another with no possible means of resolution other than violence.

-- Steve