RE: [lpsf-discuss] Flying with the Libertarian Hawks

Thanks Michael,

In my view, the Libertarian hawk would forbid the use of US government
military anywhere overseas and encourage the development of a fierce
homeland defensive capacity.

Businesses and citizens who had their contractual rights infringed upon
overseas would be encouraged by the Libertarian hawk to enforce these
contracts at their own expense. International interests in need of
military support can perform the task themselves or hire third parties
to do it. If these plans run afoul with local laws and militias, so be
it. It's not the business of the United States government. Those private
parties can't use government force to tax third parties to pay for their
military adventures or draft citizens to fight it.

It seems the Libertarian hawk would also support aggressive intelligence
gathering mechanism(s) that provide citizens with information needed to
accurately access their real defensive risks and develop the best
defense mechanisms they believe they need and can afford. If those
mechanisms include the ability to project power into other nations to
insure "mutually assured destruction" to an aggressor, that would be
unfortunate but preferable to being defenseless before an enemy.