RE: [lpsf-discuss] First batch of candidates

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Is that $990 each?

The total filing fee is $990 each. However, each candidate has about 40
sigs in lieu, so we're looking at about $726 for Rhodes and Marvin, and
$627 for me (fewer Libertarians in AD12).

I'll start by giving each candidate $100.

Thanks very much, Mike. Several of us have had other donors approach us, too.

None of us have campaign accounts yet, so please either make checks out to
us or to LPSF, and we'll submit reimbursement requests to the LPSF, not to
exceed the amount donated specifically for the filing fees. (We've already
written heart-stopping blank checks to Kevin Shelley.)

By the way, we may want to start standardizing the
materials to create some "institutional memory" as the City Hall Unions
so like to say.

I agree. I'm talking to a graphic designer friend of mine as a start. And
Bryce, what's the status of our Web hosting?

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