RE: [lpsf-discuss] Eyewitness on WTC basement explosions--before the plane hit


I agree that Rodriguez's story leaves unanswered questions, but so does
every other account so far; he didn't claim to have all the answers
about 9/11. Note first that he never spoke of a bomb, only an
explosion. I don't see any difficulty in the idea of explosives set off
at about the same time as the plane hit, regardless of whether the plane
and the explosions were controlled by the same people. The major
question to my mind about his story is why the collapse didn't start
sooner, if the explosions started at the time the plane hit.

The overkill question is a reasonable one: If you had planes, why would
you need controlled demolition, or vice versa? I surely don't know.
But without the Towers collapsing, you would have had at most a few
hundred people killed, and there would be evidence to be found. And
terrorism would be an implausible explanation for controlled demolition,
which would require intimate and sustained access to the building.

As for your later post: I don't think it's credible that a 47-story
building (WTC7) could be wired for controlled demolition in an hour's
time (or even 8 hours, which I think was the interval after WTC1 and 2).

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