RE: [lpsf-discuss] DPW taking down Calvin Louie signs

Right, it looks as if those in power count on the rest of us not to be paying attention, and that's a pretty safe assumption.

Sorry about the polo shirt--I had to cut short a lunch date to make the interview. I did mention that I was registered Libertarian, but I doubt that will make the cut.

By the way, I think Mike D. may have meant Cisneros rather than Ting. If I remember rightly, Ting is for Assessor and Cisneros for Treasurer.


  That's correct, Cisneros and Louie are running for Treasurer and Ting is for Assessor. And I second Morey's comment -- great work! This scandal is the kind of thing that can make a big difference in a campaign.

  It shouldn't be that hard for the authorities to find out who issued the order, *if* they are interested in finding out. Did you get the names or other identification of any of the workers involved? Do you know whether they put the signs they took down back up again? Have you spoken with the Louie campaign about what you saw and heard?

  Maybe the DPW should be pressed to issue a policy prohibiting any sign removal unless the workers carrying it out have a work order with the name and signature of an appropriate superior on them at all times. I'll suggest it to Calvin Louie.
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