RE: [lpsf-discuss] CPI

April 19, 2006

Email Alert to ALL Signature Gatherers:

  We are in the final stretch to qualify the Initiative for the November
ballot � with a real push from everyone, we have a good chance to succeed.
In order to make this happen, we must take advantage of as much weekend
time as possible to make our Petitions available for signing at convenient
times and places throughout the state.

  Depending on the locations, we need to plan to have gathering spots, with
tables, signs, etc., manned on Saturday and Sunday April 22 and April 23
and Saturday and Sunday April 29 and April 30 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00
p.m. These areas will be both gathering spots AND distribution centers
where gatherers will pick up packets to take and set up more signing
locations. Like a virus, we must spread and distribute and then spread and
distribute again, ad infinitum. At the end of the day, everyone should
report back to the starting points and the coordinator will report to
headquarters so that results can be summarized and posted on the website
and sent out each evening. Don�t forget to take digital pictures that can
also be posted.

  Current gathering locations include:
    Grand Terrace in San Bernardino County (confirmed)
    Bernard�s Luggage, Hollywood, Los Angeles County (confirmed)
    San Ramon � Contra Costa County
    Millbrae � San Mateo County
    Bayview/Hunter�s Point � San Francisco (confirmed)
    9th and Irving � San Francisco (confirmed)
    Redwood City � under the Billboard � San Mateo County (confirmed)
  We need many more areas in Southern and Northern California: San Diego,
Salinas/Monterey, Sacramento, Eureka, Laguna Woods, Long Beach, Sonoma
County, etc., etc., etc., Please confirm (check for permission
requirements) your high traffic locations - art fairs, gun shows, �events,�
shopping areas, as well as places which have been threatened by eminent
domain - by Thursday noon. Also, please indicate the times and places that
you will be able to help. And, if you have media connections, please
advise so that the times and places in your area can be publicized.
  In order to make certain that all of the information is available to
everyone who has suggestions or who is able to participate, please respond
directly to this email and to the �Contact Us � email submittal� on the
website You may also call the message line �
(408) 882-5008.

  Thanks for being part of this awesome team!

The Coordinating Committee of
Limit Eminent Domain
The People�s Initiative

Please forward this email to everyone on your email list who might be able
to help