RE: [lpsf-discuss] CBS 60 Minutes II appearance tomorrow night?

Dear Steve and All,

I suggest that we focus out attacks not on people of faith, but on their trust in the state. Steve's cartoon suggests that people of faith who feel marriage in the state isn't the equal to Holy Matrimony are "religious nuts". This is not the case. These people are simply confused about the limits of government authority. They believe that government authority can enhance morality when in fact the opposite is true. So don't criticize them for what they are, just make fun of them for believing the state will be an effective tool for them. And help them know that the state's only job is to make sure that all people, saints and sinners, are treated with equal dignity by the state. The rest of judgment is up to G_d. There's nothing we can say about that. Yes, this is not a theocracy....but it doesn't mean that this place isn't largely made of people who care about G_d.

Best regards,

Michael Denny