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I'm happy to hear the slave-state governments are not getting a pass from libertarians.
In the days and weeks before Sumter, the slave state governments had been confiscating property by force, from the people of the United States. In the months and years before Sumpter, slave-state governments had been lobbying to extend their violent criminal enterprise to new states.
Slavery was only a feature of the violent criminal enterprise. This enterprise was a public-private partnership, serving private slave-holders with public provision of violence and capture, committing these crimes under color of law.
There had been decades of defensive efforts against this criminal enterprise, by individuals and small groups while the slave state governments escalated their level of violence and reach with their control of the federal government, notoriously securing their violent reach with the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott decision.
Losing political control of US Congress and the federal government in 1860 the criminal enterprise organized a new public-private partnership to extend and conduct the violence and capture, for the slave state governments and private slave holders.
The principle feature of this new organization was a massive military buildup, first engaged in the fraudulent confiscation of real property from public and private owners. The defense of Ft Sumter was the first organized defense against this escalated level of violence and fraud by the military buildup.
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