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Hey Marcy. Either, I have just uncovered, the biggest political scandal, or I’m blowing small failure to dislose issues out of proportion.
Either way, on my page post is the most amazing political document accumulation, I ever put together. I don’t have enough for a definitive, but as stated on my site, Malia Cohen will make Leland Lee look like a choir boy gone bad around a school yard of bullies.
I don’;t like talking about because, once put together, I the corporation wiki docs along with ethic commission docs, cross name company records docs gotta speak for themselves.
Explaining them, causes a look in my closes friends eyes that I losing my mind: because even I doubt the blatant far reaching abuse of public office I MIGHT HAVE UNCOVERED?
I used caps because, I’m confident, but not certain, I alone can connect the dots.
But, two days ago, a long-term acquaintance, who once she got a big time newspaper job, moved on with her life, then all the sudden, when, I began public postings, she friend requested me. That caused me to (I admit) look deeper, promising myself, no opinions, just docs. and photos.

This is what, I think happened: some of us high end phone people, who grew up with the net and then MySpace search skills, can pull from so many search sites, I found every I grew up with even if they changed everything about them.

What I have: is not evidence, but more like questioning a really smart child, who you never really find the truth, but you know he did something, or had some part in it. But, because, they wasn’t catch in the act…

One thing that definitely, raised my confidence, was instead of a cease and desist challenge to my right to post whatever, I choose to; he completely, cut back his secretary of state political consulting site.
That act cause me to put my three decades of the community on the line and really really dig and clean house.

The reason, I’m posting to all of you, is to let you hear it from me. I maybe blowing things out of proportion, because, I can only prove those things small, but significant enough to lose Cohen and Donaldson the Bayview “black seat”. And to do that, The California Group with 50+1 Strategies, Malia’s handlers: very distinguished state supreme court attorney (one) have to make me out to be a mad man: (I have done likewise to others)although all, I am doing is presenting with a claim, "I might be wrong, but still I have a right to campaign against, just based on my suspicion. I will never apologize for that. My feelings are valid. Public housing tenants value my opinion, whether, I have docs or not. Plainly stated, without concrete proof, I’m going against what every “leader” believes in.
As corny as it sounds, I have stronger libertarian rights virtues, than black social standing ones. So certainly, I must have lost my mind. Like, I told Mary Radcliff of the Bayview paper, I ok with that. I have always been ok with that…

Sorry, for the extremely extended post; but again, I rather you judge me as crazy from my own words, and not there’s.
Please, don’t worry about me. I will be fine with the rank and file. I don’t like fancy invitation big weddings anyway. I find them to be quite boring!

ps.sorry for any typos #lowbattery

Hi Eric,

Well, for an absolute fact, you have a moral right to air your suspicions. I am no lawyer, but libel suits only start flying when you assert without proof. Like Homeland Security says, "See something. Say something."

So, sounds like you have a choice of either making your suspicions known to newspapers, radio shows, websites, bloggers, and letting them as a group go after the story; or relying on some serious research via interviews, Freedom of Information, documents, etc., and then coming out with some assertions backed by proof. I cannot tell from your post which path you have chosen.

Also, you mention your page, but I don't see links or website addressed on your post. If you want us to see your work, let us know where to look. If your work is not ready, then maybe not.

I am not familiar with Cohen's track record. All I remember right now is an article about her p'off Mayor Lee with a proposal to make her jurisdiction a tax increment financing district. When I read that a while back, I wavered between applauding her boldness and bursting into tears over the bozos we elect to office.