RE: [lpsf-discuss] 30) My Ron Paul conspiracy theory

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Thank you, Eric! However, I do see the Libertarian Party as the
"freedom party", so I do not think we need a new "Freedom Party."
That is, as "Freedom" as imperfect beings that we all are can make it.
I agree with Mike A. that our dear Party is morphing (imploding?), but
such is the fate of so many experiments.


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Oh my Mike, it sounds a FREEDOM PARTY is in the midst, with Marcy as
chair! Now I'll always lend support to libertarians that don't conflict
with freedomarains (is that a word) : )My thing is a party has to have a
clear defination or it'll end up a "just because I don't like them"

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  Subject: RE: [lpsf-discuss] 30) My Ron Paul conspiracy theory
  Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:39:53 -0700

  On the other hand, another respondent sees Knapp's thesis as
  "grandiose paranoia," likening it to GM's feeling threatened by the
  Amish buggy industry. For myself, I'm not sure that the destruction
  of the LP would require so much outside help. I think the Party
  leadership has been doing an excellent job of that for the past
  decade. I don't mean that the Party will simply disappear, but that
  whatever survives will not be a very libertarian party. Like Marcy,
  however, I'm more attached to freedom than to the LP per se.