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Thanks, all! I'll second the appreciation for Aubrey who's reliable and organized as always, and Richard Winger (who provides a valuable service not just for the LP but alternative parties generally with Ballot Access News, though one that's often not so visible locally).

  Now we have until Monday at noon to file a 250-word rebuttal to the proponents' argument for Prop. A.

  Here's one possibility I thought of for the rebuttal that would be different than our usual approach -- have a bunch of us sign as individuals (preferably 10 or more), perhaps listing us by neighborhood and occupation, maybe accompanied by some short quotes. Mine might say for instance, "I enjoy shooting photos of San Francisco's beautiful architecture and would hate to see it destroyed by a quake. Why can't government care for its buildings responsibly?"

  The idea would be to show a diverse sampling of "real San Franciscans" who oppose the measure, and kind of put a human face on the opposition.

  Noteworthy in the proponents' argument is their claim that "Prop. A would NOT increase property tax rates." I'm wondering whether we can nail them for making a false claim and actually compel them to withdraw that statement. Not sure offhand what the procedure is for that, but it seems to me we have an arguable case. The Ballot Simplification Committee's language (from says:

"Proposition A would allow an increase in the property tax to pay for the bonds. It would permit landlords to pass through 50% of the resulting property tax increase to tenants." [emphasis added]

  What do people think? Other suggestions?

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