RE: [lpsf-activists] Revising the pink brochure

Thanks very much, Starchild. The only current reference to poly marriage is "to marry whom (and however many) they please." I wouldn't mind emphasizing that a little more, and the phrase "gender and sexual nonconformists" is a good, more inclusive, one. It reminds me of having been asked, years ago, to include reference to the s-m community as well; but I never got a response from this list when I raised that question. I'd be happy if you or anyone else wanted to do some tentative editing; I've attached the document-without the marriage update-for your convenience.

gayrght3.doc (77.5 KB)

Hi All. Thanks Michael and all. I will work on the registration paperwork
for Pride this coming week, and I intended to contact you, Michael,
regarding an update on the marriage part, so you beat me to the punch. I
will definitely get another batch printed out in June with the new wording,
but there's no point waiting until then to revise the wording. From a
personal viewpoint, I did not find discrimination a big issue here in the
Bay Area when I was going through the adoption process 20 years ago, but I
suspect it is a problem in other parts of the country, even today. I would
mention that aspect in the rewrite. Also this is the time to mention poly
marriage, s&m, nonconforming, and anything else folks can think of--it's
none of anyone's business and certainly not the government's.