RE: [lpsf-activists] M.inutes of LPSF Meeting of June 13th, 2009

Dear Ron:

  1. I have reworded the Minutes re rent control as follows using your words as much as possible:


Ron Getty reported that on the November ballot there are three proposed rent laws of one kind or another in nature. All are anti-landlord and hit small property owners the heaviest. The Mayor most likely would veto them which would require a Board over-ride vote of 7 out of 11."

I hope this is suitable.

  1. Re the census: I do seem to recall a few minutes of discussion re the census. Since the subject was not on the Agenda and no decision was taken regarding it, I did not report it. I am sure you realize that if I literally transcribed absolutely everything s/o said at the meeting (assuming that were even possible) we could be at 28 plus pages.

However, if there is something you would like inserted, please give me the wording and where you would like it to go and I will be delighted to put it in, assuming of course, that I remember its having been said.


Dear Francoise;

Okie dokie that'll do just hunky dory!!

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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