RE: [lpsf-activists] Disastrous News: My Candidates May All Be Kicked Off the Ballot

As one of the moderators of the lpsf-activists list I would like to remind you that this forum is exclusively for the use of activists promoting libertarian thought and action in San Francisco. As such, your posts about the situation in New York, however interesting they may be to some amongst us, are an inappropriate use of the list.
Please stop using the list for this purpose.
Thank you,
Francoise Fielding

Dear Sam,

As the other moderator of this list, I would like to support Francoise's comment regarding the purpose of this list. I would personally very much enjoy continuing to see your posts regarding your experiences in New York on the Discuss List; and personally appreciate you investing your own funds to support libertarian-leaning candidates.

This lovely City is going to h--l in a handbasket, and there is plenty of work for us LPSF'rs to do right here. Witness the front page of today's Examiner where an article regarding City College of San Francisco finally discusses the real reason this institution is in trouble. Sure we Libertarians would like to see all education as private. However, that is not going to happen anytime soon; and therefore, the next best thing is to hold government institutions accountable to taxpayers. This is only one example of work to be done locally.