RE: [lpsf-activists] Ballot measure developments - We won opponent slots for C, E, and G!

Yes, Starchild and Aubrey, I do have reservations about compromising with sleaze balls. I realize that the Dems and Repubs are good at negotiating to screw the general public, but I thought perhaps Libertarians were different. If the beverage industry came right out and did the right thing and spoke in favor of their profits, I would be the first one to suggest they have the argument. But that is not the case.

As I told Aubrey already, if we allow people to tell us what to do -- because we are too weak, or too greedy -- where does that stop.


I'm not arguing for compromising with the beverage industry folks (not on any matter of principle anyway), but I think there may be room to work together on a limited basis to our benefit and the benefit of the cause of freedom. However I am very mindful of your concerns Marcy, because I agree it is a slippery slope -- it is easy for groups to sell out if they aren't strongly vigilant against this happening. Definitely we should thoroughly sound them out and discuss this and not rush into anything imprudent.

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There is nothing to "sound" out. You either fall into discussing your business with sleaze balls or you don't. I would have been happy to call this big executive from the promotion company passing his campaign off as "Coalition for an Affordable City," but I thought to let Aubrey know since the message was addressed to him. But now that Aubrey placed the matter in your hands, it's between you and me. I say we don't discuss anything with him. You say we can squeeze money out of him.

I propose a vote. I will totally respect a vote of the majority of our Activists on this list.


Surely we can figure this out. First step, who are the "representatives from the soda industry"? Next step, develop our case for why they should working with the LPSF to develop selling points. The primary reason is that we understand the politics of this community. We can help them craft a message that sells using freedom. I would use themes suggesting the freedom implied by the medicinal marijuana movement....just a quick and early thought...not well developed.

We all know this tax has nothing to do with health. This has everything to do with fund raising. The Park Commission is already salivating over what they would do with the money. It is also about milking a supposedly marginalized community.

Again...for probably the first time in a long time we might have the opportunity to work side by side with a serious business advocacy group. It will be a great test of our abilities and resolve to take advantage of this situation on behalf of the LPSF and our ideas..

The other opportunities are there equally as well with the other measures. Very exciting. Thanks again.


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