RE: [lpsf-activists] Agenda for This Saturday's Meeting - San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Hi Aubrey and all….not sure if I can attend this Saturday. But please see message below sent to this list 1/27/2017 regarding the San Francisco Federal Credit Union.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



I am not necessarily opposed to a credit union account, but I have two questions.


Are the benefits listed below applicable to business accounts also.

In the eyes of financial institutions LPSF is a business, not an individual.

Sometimes the rules for businesses are different from those for individuals.


Does this credit union allow deposits to be made at other credit unions or ATMs other than their own?

Someone at the last meeting crowed about how he can make deposits elsewhere, but we need to ask about this before we make the leap.

Thanks Leslie,

I spoke at length to Kirk Yee and explained exactly what kind of organization we are. This is the information he gave me. It seems we can be pretty confident that this is the program.


OK, maybe they do accept business accounts.

If I were still the treasurer, I would get a brochure outlining the business account options.

I know at Patelco Credit Union there is one brochure for individuals and a different one for businesses because….the options are not exactly the same.

As I said I will call tomorrow and ask about this.