RE: Hugh Hewitt and the recent debate...

Dear Sirs,

I fully intended to write a note dripping with sarcasm, pretending to agree with
Hugh Hewitt. At the recent debate at the Balboa Bay Club, he spoke in favor
of excluding all third party candidates. I wanted to point out the hypocrisy of
his stance on excluding them from debates. Instead, let's get serious.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties were once 'Third Parties'.
Had they been held out of the discussion, there would be no parties
by those names today. We'd still have Whigs and Tories.

Clearly, the Libertarian Party has a grass roots organization that has not been
seen in a third party this century. The Green party gets quite a few votes
and a lot of attention, especially in the 18-25 age group.

But, I don't want to appeal to your sense of fair play.
I don't want to make any points about free speech.
I don't even want to sell you on my particular political viewpoint.
I'm sure all that's been done before.

No, my pitch is one that's near and dear to your heart.
It's about selling soap.
By including third parties in the discussion, you'll create more
excitement, have more viewers and listeners, therefore generating
more ad revenue.

No matter what you think of third party platforms, they create excitement
and controversy. Forget that they introduce new ideas and keep the
front runners 'honest'. Forget that they win elections sometimes.

Instead, remember the huge amount of public interest they can, have and
do generate. That's money in your pocket, guys.

So, ignore Hugh for now. Just give him a few shares in CBS or CNN or Fox.
Then, have him read my letter to you.

He'll come around.

Copyright October 2003, Bruce Cohen
LPCa ExCom (Board of Directors.)