re Hal vs SLB

Brian, As soon as I sent the message below, i relooked at the message and realized that your end point was April, not today. I guess I was tired. Not only that but when I sent an emailadmitting the error it dissapeared into the ether as I was called to dinner. I believe what I said was words to the effect that I conceded the entire thread was a mistake on my part because I was attributing stock action to a single imagined variable, Haliburton's assumed ill begotten gains.

In any given time period a myriad of factors past , present and future and extraneous to the stock itself can affect it's price. You win this round and caught me blindly speculating just because a specific chart fitt my preconceptions of what is going on. However I chose the chart initially simply because it was five years, aneasy choice on Yahoo charts. A valuable lesson was learned about speculating on preconceived notions. I grudgingly admit that there is some value in sparring with you and in this case you taught me a good lesson.

And if I can still learn a good lesson at 53, maybe I'm not so decrepit after all.