re Hal vs SLB

Brian, Unfortunately I can't read the chart you posted because I am largely color blind, but on the chart that I posted,note that it a log chart.. With the comparison staring 5 years ago, HAL outperformed right out of the gate ,by november 2002 HAL was up 80 percent from September 2002, while SLM was up only 20 percent.The gap reached it's peak around November of 2005 when HAL was up nearly 400 percent and SLM was up just shy of 100 percent, By election day in 2006 the gap had narrowed to 190 vs 380 percent.. The gap continued to close to todays gap of 380 vs 406, all eyeballed by a blind man.

The stock market is a discounting mechanism, in other words it predicts future foreseeable. events. In November 2005 HAL's prospects had grown since September 2002 four times faster than SLB. You demanded a comparison with companies that deal in oil services and I gave it to you. SLB is the biggest and the best.