RE: email campaign 2


Will Badnarik be giving a talk (I hope so), or will it be more

Can you make suggestions for parking?

Thanks, Michael

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I am pleased to confirm the St. Andrew's Missionary Baptist Church
Group event at the Waterfront Restaurant at Pier 7 (Broadway and the
Embarcadero) at 2:30PM Saturday August 21st. The event will feature


light lunch and fancy desserts.

Michael Badnarik is expected to attend to pay his respects to the
of voluntary service demonstrated by the St. Andrew's Youth Group.


event will also raise funds for the Michael Badnarik for President
Campaign. Reservations for Badnarik supporters are required with a

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

(415) 986-7677 x123


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Subject: email campaign 2

Hi all,

I have created another version of the outreach email that does not
feature the LBGT center event so prominently. I have zipped and
attached the new version here.

The overall objective remains the same: Let's get the word out to