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Starchild,You say Trump is anti-Muslim...WTF?!!!
But worse, it is in the same conversation, to revile and condemn a real and insanly vicious system of judgements and lies, the witch-hunt, while your own lie about Trump is a part of that vicious system.
Why the f'k would you make such a vicious false accusation, except to promote the witch-hunt and poison the legitimate conversation about its evils?
There has been growing anti-Muslim sentiment since 9-11, the witch-hunt is using against Trump, while Trump has begun a whole new conversation about the difference between Germans and Nazi's...I mean Muslims and terrorists.
But it is now as it was in the 30's, when the ignorant, intellectual elite didn't want to criticize any socialism, and spared tbe Nazis in the conflation with Germans. The same defective thinking is shaping the narrative about the distinction between Muslims and terrorists.
But only a f'king moron today, would claim it is racism, to think Nazis were Germans or that terrorists were Muslims.
And even worse, that the thinking would become so defective, that anti-Nazi is the same as anti-German and anti-terrorist is the ssme as anti-MThe uslim.
But we see that defective thinking right here in your post, accusing Trump of being anti-Muslim, when he is anti-terrorist.
That thinking is not only the witch-hunt, but also it is racist and saying muslims are terrorists. But you can't talk about it, against the witch-hunt.
It's the penultimate evil social narrative and I am shocked to see it here. The witch-hunt is on, and you have joined it.

Trump may be trying to backpedal it now John, but he famously called for stopping all immigration from "Muslim countries", even refugees from Syria fleeing the violence of the war there between the Assad regime and others including Daesh. That certainly qualifies as anti-Muslim in my book. He hasn't come out and said anything along the lines of, "No, I've changed my mind – I realize that many Muslims seeking to come to the United States are good people who deserve the opportunity to be here and enjoy the same presumption of innocence as other people in our society." He's made other comments that can also be characterized as anti-Muslim as well (e.g. those discussed in this clip – He has not simply focused on terrorists. He hasn't either, to my knowledge, said anything about freeing the prisoners still illegally held at Guantanamo (and elsewhere?) despite the lack of terrorism charges against them. And if he were really concerned about terror, he wouldn't be such an apologist for police violence that terrorizes people in poor and minority communities.

  "Witch hunt" was your term. I agree with it in a broader social sense – there is a kind of witch hunt atmosphere around various aspects of sexuality, with people being persecuted as "sexual predators" and forced to register as "sex offenders" for consensual or non-harmful actions, consensual prostitution being targeted under an alleged effort to root out "human trafficking", the paranoia around anything to do with children being exposed to sexuality, etc. But I don't apply that term to criticism of Donald Trump. He is not the victim here, except of the usual left-wing slant of many media outlets (and without the excessive coverage provided by many of those same outlets, he would not have won the Republican primaries and wouldn't be where he is now). Trump's boasting of, and apparently committing, sexual assault – I don't think all his alleged victims are lying; the behavior alleged by his accusers comports with what we know of his arrogance and sense of entitlement – is reprehensible, and he deserves to be held to account.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

May I wiggle in and throw some oil on this fire? I attended an event the other day from which I came away thinking my best option is to move to a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. On one side we have Starchild and other flower children and on the other side we have folks willing to burn all individual liberties for the sake of security (I don't know which camp you belong to, John). Here is the speakers website:

Trump might, repeat might, have a point, in acknowledging the possibility of a threat, but focusing on terrorism rather than Sharia.

What a mess!