Raul Castro's Daughter to Appear May 23 at San Francisco LGBT Community Center


  Please make Cuban dissidents a formal part of the conversation at this event. Institutions representing the GLBTQ community should not be involved in giving free positive press to a family-run dictatorship with a repressive human rights record that presides over a society where people are denied many basic freedoms like the ability to leave the country. The Damas de Blanco (Ladies In White) should be invited to participate at this meeting.

  Is it easier for representatives of foreign dictatorships to be hosted at the Center than for Libertarian Party representatives and other dissidents in the United States to be given such a platform? Where are the Center's libertarian guests? Where are the invitations to Outright Libertarians, to Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray, and others who care about both civil liberties and economic freedom to come and talk about GLBTQ rights and issues?

Love & Liberty,
                                     ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party National Committee