Rand Paul - The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Dear All;

Rand Paul was sand bagged on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and gave a very bad explanation and then followed that up with more explanations. Bad PR.

These articles by Laurence Vance on Lew Rockwell and Larry Elder and John Stossel are good articles on how to respond to the reasons why the Civil Rights Act should be repealed. There are also ways how non-governmental action by private parties can change the situation.


This is another article by Larry Elder on how to respond to questions on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


This is John Stossel telling how to respond to the uninformed.


Ron Getty

The "Inbox" in June 21 issue of TIME has some pretty scathing LTE's making Rand Paul look like a looney, and none defending him. Rand needs to understand his audience, and frame his good arguments accordingly. In my view, it is one thing to say on "Lew Rockwell" that in a free society we need to have the right to discriminate (BTW, that was one of my arguments when Rob and I had our discussions on Prop 8); but another very different thing to say it to the general public that has little or no understanding of where that sentiment might come from. Helen Thomas chose to blurt out what she did, and take the consequences. If Rand is ready to do the same, good for him; but unfortunately, he will be taking libertarianism down with him.