Ralph Nader Fighting For All Third Party Candidates???!!!

Dear Everyone;

Ralph Nader in part said the following in announcing his independent run for President.

"Let me say, this is going to be difficult," said Nader, who planned a round of interviews after his announcement. "This isn't just our fight. This is a fight for all third parties ... They want to have a chance to compete. This is not a democracy that can be controlled by two parties in the grip of corporate interests."

Isn't it good to know Ralph Nader is throwing his hat in the ring so Libertarians can fight the good fight and get recognition and get on the ballot? Such a good sport! How could we survive without him so generously offering to help us?

Thanks a lot Ralph! Your 2.7% of the national ballot shows you can really draw the voters to your program. Your overwhelming message which was so attractive to so many who could hardly wait to not vote for your program.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian