Well, they are giving me a microphone, and I may have a few things to say about Trump. :wink: We'll see how it goes...

  Aside from that, free speech and anti-censorship are important causes that must be defended. Traditionally they've been leftist values as much as libertarian (maybe not as sincerely and sustainably held, but... https://twitter.com/starchildsf/status/1317038459370926081/retweets/with_comments).

  Issues like this could help split the coalitions of both left and right into individuals who tend to fall above the 50% line on the Nolan Chart, and those who tend to fall below it, moving us toward a clarifying paradigm shift in which freedom versus tyranny, not left versus right, is seen to be what matters.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Starchild, I agree and I wish that would be the case. Sadly, I see it that
most people are firmly entrenched in their Left v. Right worldview, which,
as Libertarians, we clearly reject. Our job is to educate folks that the
left-right paradigm is oversimplified at best and completely erroneous at
worst. Kudos to you if you can sway some of the "Trump or Die" folks. I'll
avoid that mess.

Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. I'm working on a comment to post in the reader comments for the story now.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild ))‚