Radical proposal

I am so angry abouut the
way the corporate media
has enveloped this town
with complacency that I
am thinking about doing
something as Radical as
I can.

I would like to endorse
Krissey Keefer on the
basis it would be much
better to have a citizen
than a career politician
in Congress and. That
Krissey in her gut hates
the corporate--
governmement war
machine, and if she
agrees to consult in ways
to disempower the
government favored
corporations and bankers
stranglholed on the
economy and the
government then we can
unite to endorrse her.

This is both a principled
and political statement.
In Maryland the Green
and Libertarian
candidates are the same
person. I will continue
to discuss our
differences, in that she
thinks the government
can be reformed and I
think it has be cut to it's
bare minimun, but
nobody can be bigger
government than Pelosi,
and with her fire in her
belly Krissey could be a
force against the
two backed beast.

Mike Denny says yes,
but it is going to need a
lot of splainin. Starchild
thinks it is a sell out and
violation of our
principles. Lets have it
out! Oh, and keep the
discussion here, as this
should be a private
discussion between us. If
this does not get shouted
down, I will take it to
Jawg as she collected the
most signitures. Please
think about your replies
carefully. Questions

Please keep this secret as
I would like to do it on
Pete Wilson's show, if
he says yes.

Let me know what you

I feel I would have to
privately consult with
the execc committee and
Starchild, and Jorge, as
she collected the most
signitures. I also think
that politically this would
send a messageabout
why we are libertarians.