QUESTIONS TO DISCUSS - Re: [lpsf-discuss] (RESEND) Results of youth poll

The best way to grow the party is to get new party members.
These people have a vested interest in our success.
They are proud of their new association and will often join us to recruit new people.
On average, they will bring in one or more person within a year.

The best tools for recruiting are:

  1.. A good looking, monthly magazine.
  2.. A regular professional political presence.
  3.. An inviting and well publicized website.
Have a phone bank party and call every single Libertarian that is in your area.
Invite them to a free event and ask them to join.

I'd be happy to show you the model scripts others have used.
I'd also be happy to help tailor those scripts for you.

I'll even go to San Francisco and help out after I sell a few houses and
get solvent again.


Bruce Cohen
LPCa ExCom rep