Questions for the Candidates for Chair and Vice-Chair

To the LPSF Chair and Vice-Chair candidates:
1. Do you agree an essential position differentiating us from SF
Republicans, Democrats, and Greens is we are anti-war, when
the war violates the rights of taxpayers forced to fund it (whether
they support it or not), those soldiers coerced to fight it, and the
innocents injured or killed in the attacked country?
Please elaborate.

War ugh, what is it good for? See my website

2. Do you support having an activity as part of every monthly meeting,
e.g., writing letters to the editor, calling elected representatives,
calling registered libertarians, etc.? Please elaborate.

I do not support calling anybody. Writing letters or postcards is a great idea.

3. How do you feel about LPSF members supporting the Ron
Paul candidacy as a vehicle for spreading libertarian ideas?

Right now they are concetrating on a primary victory. After the primary, I hope that those who are active in the meet uup group for Ron Paul can seek members to be recruited to the LP.
4. Would you agree it's not our direct purpose to improve
the lives of individuals, but rather to teach them the freedom
philosophy which, when adhered to, would have the
consequence (we believe) of improving their lives?
5. What new ideas or strategies do you have for improving
the LPSF's impact in educating SF residents of the benefits,
morality, and beauty of liberty? Please elaborate.

I plan to create a movement to promote economic liberty for the homeless. I think homeless Vets should be the first group of folks granted ecomic freedom. Then they sell more than streetsheets . They can sell hotdogs on the street, or start a little lottery, or drive a Jitney, all without penalty, they can work for whatever wage they want, when they want , for whatever pay they want. They can make any arrangement they want with a landlord and the landlord would be exempt from any other regulation other than honoring the lease. This would open up a big supply of empty units waiting to have title cleansed of rent control. Anyone who builds a home for homeless would be exempt from zoning laws. Any type of housing could be built, subject to liability under the common law.

This is only an ideal. I would try to get a coalition of right and oriented leaders to support this idea. Replace the I with we, and something could happen. Credit to Starchild for the idea of seeking community support fotr this concept. After the homeless vets would be the larger homeless population, and then potentially the rest of us.
I look forward to your responses.

Best, Michael

Dear Jeremy and Phil,

Thank you for your responses.

Best, Michael