Questions and comments on the oil spill saga (McAuley's World, 7/10/10)

Some good if obvious questions, asked by this blogger in response to the latest news in the saga, about why measures to address the spill weren't taken sooner, and observations about the Obama administration's role in the mess. I also heard recently that the administration was refusing to allow "foreign" (i.e. non-U.S.-based) ships to help in the cleanup, which the Bush administration allowed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Not sure whether that is true or not.

  Another point I also heard made (possibly in the conservative Weekly Standard?) was that this accident wouldn't have happened if drilling oil wells closer to shore in shallower water (i.e. safer conditions) hadn't been banned for political reasons. Reportedly there is drilling planned in even deeper water off the coast of Brazil. I wonder to what extent these deep-sea wells are a question of where the oil is located and to what extent they are a consequence of regulations.

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