Questioning nationalist language and "self"-determination


  I never would have suspected you of being PC. 8) If you believe in a
supreme being who created the human race, it makes sense for you to say
"god-given" rights, and I realize that minus the filter of faith we are
talking about the same thing. I was merely letting you know how I would
say it -- you're free to do otherwise.

  I'm sure Mike Denny is also correct that the phrase "god-given rights"
would typically resonate more than "natural rights" with a religious
audience. If I thought about it (and believe it or not I don't *always*
use language as consciously as I should!), in such a context I might
say something like "whether you believe we naturally possess rights or
they come to us from a power higher than government, either way no
other human being or group of people may justly deprive us of those

Yours in liberty,
              <<< Starchild >>>

In a message dated 10/30/03 6:29:36 PM, writes:

<< Consider your audience when talking about rights...people of faith
to hear you talk of G_d-given rights. For those that aren't, use
"natural"- rights. Either way, you have them talking about rights that
are not man-made and that's a good thing.

Mike >>

It was presumptuous for me to think that Starchild would agree with me
when I
said rights are "God given." I'm not "PC" and certainly not "SF-PC"
when I
write down my thoughts. I hope we haven't reached a place where
thoughts must be?

Live free or die, Michael S.

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