Question time with Libertarian Party executive director Wes Benedict - Tues. Jan. 17, 3pm PST (6pm EST)

In response to a question from me, LP executive director Wes Benedict recently offered to set up an hour-long conference call during which to respond, if I preferred this over getting a private call from him. Thinking other LP members might also appreciate the opportunity to have a set time during which to ask him questions, I quickly took him up on this offer. (Of course folks are welcome to call the national office any time with any questions they may have, but I think there is value in having an occasional formal session set up for this purpose, and to hear the responses to questions raised by others.)

  We've set up a conference call for this Tuesday, 3:00-4:00 pm Pacific time (6:00-7:00 pm Eastern time).

  If you'd like to participate, call (217) 258-5588, and use guest pin code 207730#.

  To mute your line during the call, press *6, and to unmute, press *7.

  As executive director, Wes supervises the Libertarian Party's paid staff at the national office and reports to national party chair Nick Sarwark. So if you have any questions about the party's national operations or what staff are doing, this Tuesday would be a good opportunity to ask. With Wes's cooperation, we may be repeating these Q&A conference calls every other month or so.

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P.S. – Since I'm copying a number of lists on this message, I anticipate that I will get an automated reply telling me there are too many recipients and the message is being held for review by the moderator as has happened with a number of other emails I've sent (one of several deficiencies of the LP's official email list for which I recently learned we are reportedly paying $810 per month, something I'm not happy about when we could use a free Yahoo or Google or other list!) So I'm copying Robert Kraus and Alicia Mattson (I forget which of them is the list administrator) to ask them to approve the message promptly so that it gets posted to the LNC list in a timely manner, as it is time-sensitive.

P.P.S. – As I cannot post to the state chairs' list, I would appreciate someone who is on that list posting the message there.

Thanks, Starchild.

What was your question?

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Call in and find out!

  No, I won't keep you in suspense, Michael. :slight_smile: I had asked Wes after our last meeting Dec. 11 in Alexandria, VA (where the LP's national office is located), about getting some party letterhead to use if I want to send written correspondence as an LNC member. He said he'd have to ask the chair about it and would mail it to me if the answer was yes, and not having heard back from him, I was trying to follow up about it.

  But I do encourage you to call in anyway if you can think of a good question to ask.

Love & Liberty,
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