Question of online voting


  Sorry, looking back I see you did mention being elected Platform Committee chair in your original post.

  But you characterize my objection as "penalizing" other members. That's inaccurate. Nobody's stopping people using Slack on their own all they want. What I'm objecting to is using it to conduct official LPC committee business. Email, teleconference, and in-person meetings work fine for that – why "fix" what's not broken?

  Regarding using Slack on a phone, as I responded to Matyas, I generally avoid most apps because they demand "permissions" (spying on various information on your device). No one responded to my question about what "permissions" Slack demands in order to use their app on Android or iPhone. Do you know?

  I also find using a phone for things like online meetings to be sub-optimal and a pain in the ass. Besides the tiny screen and not being able to type on a keyboard, it's harder to switch between multiple windows. And I can't readily access other info that I can on my computer. Also may use up the phone's data time (not sure how much of an issue that is).

If you are still unable to use it, that’s not catastrophic. While I would prefer you be able to participate fully, there is also email and the Facebook discussion group where we can talk, and any business discussed between meetings will need to be ratified later.

  I must say, I find your willingness to throw elected representatives under the bus for the sake of using an unnecessary platform totally inappropriate from a committee chair.

The bylaws anticipate the possibility that some representatives may not be able to participate fully or to attend all meetings. That’s why we have alternates. If Libertarian central committee of SF did not elect an alternate representative, that was its decision.

  Alternates exist in case a committee member is unable to attend a meeting for a personal reason. They do not exist in the expectation that committees will create artificial obstacles to prevent representatives from participating!

  I hope you will reconsider that stance.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))