Proposition Mish

Dear Phil,

I'm with Mish.

Would you be willing to spearhead this, if not on a statewide basis, at
least as an LPSF project?

Lew Rockwell interview with Mish:

Warm regards, Michael

The prison system is already highly privatized. It is in the best
interests of GEO (formerly Wackenhut) to keep prisoners - they get
$50,000 a year for them. All nonviolent drug offenders should be
released RIGHT NOW. It is a travesty that these people are jailed.
Geez, Ashcroft made sure Tommy Chong was arrested for selling pipes.
Every Christmas, I send a postcard to each Senator saying that all I
want for Christmas is an End to the Immoral Drug War. Jailing addicts
is shameful. Just shameful. Prohibition was REPEALED people! By the
way, MPP has an annual party at the Playboy Mansion. We had alot of
fun there - good cause, good party. The Libertarian Party has to be
strong on this issue. What we do in the privacy of our own homes to
the detriment of none is NOT A CRIME.