Proposed LPC resolution on same-sex marriage


  Gavin Newsom and others granting same-sex marriage licenses have not imposed any new government regulations. To the contrary, they are effectively nullifying existing regulations that prohibit certain types of marriages. Supporting their actions does not necessarily imply any support for government regulation of marriage in general.

  In fact a different part of the resolution you are criticizing explicitly condemns government regulation of marriage:

"Whereas government marriage laws violate the principle of separation of church and state by imposing definitions and rules for what has traditionally been a religious ceremony and thereby infringe on the rights of religious organizations and other private entities to define and conduct marriages in accordance with their own beliefs"

  After all the discussion there has been on this issue already, I'm not going to argue it any further -- if you can't see where this is coming from, we'll just have to agree to disagree. This resolution or something in a similar spirit will be proposed at the convention.

Yours in liberty,
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