Dear All Of You;

I am sending this to both LPSF-Discuss and LPSF-Activists as not everyone is on both lists so there will be some duplicate e-mails.

Okay - this is basically what needs to be done for the Law Enforcement Redeployment Petition : the whom in some cases has to be determined. Marcy Berry has already provided some comments and suggestions see way down below at bottom of page:

Please review the PROPOSED list of things to do as it is just that PROPOSED. It is not carved in granite and is way open to modification and changes and etc etc etc.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know - this is a group effort to make things happen.

Please review and respond.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

1.What type of bonded watermarked letterhead and envelopes color and weight. Normally #20 bond cream or ivory. Because of the number of pages flat envelopes for the initial mailing is recommended.

Not having a fully developed list of addressees we are looking at 100 cover pages - 100 signature pages - 3 pages of Petition. These are flat enveloped not folded and stuffed.

500 pages of blank to be printed on. Possibly a Kinkos could help out on quality mass copying for quality copies on the cover letters leaving space for adressee info the first batch of cover letters and press releases should have real signatures - thereafter all others can be copies of the real signatures page.

The Petition pages can definitely be high quality photocopied.. Cost and approval EX Comm or LPSF???

Ron - can provide peel and stick labels for the addressees and the sender for the cover letters and the press release letter.

2. Cover letters signed by:

Ex Comm - Starchild - Berg - Ron.

3. Approved PDF's of petition and signatures page plus overview of petiton and why etc etc etc placed on LPSF web site as an go to URL and double checked for being a live page with downloadabe PDF's.

SPECIAL NOTE: This go to url must be up and running so the url can be put on all correspondence before mailing of the cover letters and press releases.


4.Printing of cover letters and copies of Petition with logo.


5.Cover letters and/or press releases plus copies of petition stuffed into flat 9x12 envelopes stamped and mailed.


6. GO TO PERSON; should any party receiving the cover letter and/or press release require immediate info or contact or etc etc etc THERE MUST BE AN AVAILABLE GO TO PERSON - WHO CAN RESPOND - AS NEEDED.



Politics is Grand Theater - What will our Grand Theater be???

8. Discussion at LPSF meeting August 12 as Marcy suggested or e-mail suggestions for final discussions at LPSF August 12.

Lots of things to be worked out first. I have to say the Marcy suggestion makes sense and go for a major wrap up meeting at the meeting and get all the details hashed out discuss BLITZ - whatever that will be???

I would also suggest opening the Blitz topic to BOTH LPSF discuss and Activist - AS we need all the extra help we can get.

Obviously this list is not complete and is totally open for additions and corrections and whatever.

Marcy's Response:

Wooohoooo! Work!!

Dear All,

1. Regarding stationery: The thought just occurred to me that our letter and petition will be printed front & back (please correct me if that is not the case). Front & back printing would probably not work very well in 20# paper. I use 20# paper for ordinary one side only reports, and 24# paper for anything printed on both sides that I want to look nice. 500 nice stationery quality 24# natural (like ivory) from Quill, I just purchased for my business was $19.79. We could compare that with what Kinko's charges, since they allow you to bring your own paper.

Prices on flat kraft envelopes vary widely. I just purchased for myself box of 100 9x12 from Quill for $6.99. We could compare that with other venues.

I believe Kinko's charges $.15 or so per copy; so 500 would be $75.00?

2. When are Phil and Starchild going to sign?

3. Web site stuff: Justin, Chris, Bryce??

4. Printing of cover letters and copies of Petition with logo. I can do, yes. Ron, tell me again please, are you giving me addresses?

5. Stuffer person for initial letters: Since I am printing the darned things, I can mail them, if we are indeed talking about my just taking the papers, putting them in an envelope, attaching the labels (supplied by Ron) and mailing. Right or wrong?

6. Go to person: Our go-to-person has always been Chris..... Chris?

7. I am hoping that this campaign will be an opportunity for the LPSF to be better known in our community. I am thinking of the usual blitz that all organizations do once in a while: campaign slogan ("Libertarians for a vibrant community", or some such smarmy thing); launching party (I was telling Ron about fire dancers); ad in local papers with interesting picture (remember that famous picture of all the U.S. Supreme Court justices sitting on a long table and smiling? So, this could be some LPSF members sitting in a row.. "Libertarians..working for a better San Francisco"); try to get lead article in some local publications.

8. Again, July 29 is fine with me, but maybe an apre-meeting meeting on August 12 might be easier for all, especially Chris, given his prior commitment for the 29th.

9. Budget: Depends on how much we can motivate the membership to work on this opportunity. I would suggest putting an announcement in the several e-mail lists that reach San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay; putting the information on the LPSF website; asking local activists with websites to place announcements. And then prepare a budget based on the response/interest detected.