Prop C Argument, Finally

Hi Mike. Thanks--I already noticed one boo-boo and changed the "how" to "high" in the second sentence. By the way, thanks for the donation.

Hi Aubrey,

  I agree, nice job on this, especially the great quote you found from Jerry Brown! Don't forget to have the source for that quote when we take it to the Elections Department – they'll want that.

  Aside from the typo you already caught, I did notice a few minor things I'd recommend changing:

(1) Add quotes around the term "affordable" in the second sentence.

(2) In the following sentence, I think it would be good to explicitly mention higher rents as well as higher home prices:

Raising the mandated percentage for subsidized housing will lead to even higher prices and discourage new construction.

  Here's a reworded version that does so, using one additional word:

Mandating a higher percentage of subsidized housing will discourage new construction, leading to even higher prices and rents.

  That word can be made up by deleting the second appearance of the word "home" in the preceding sentence, so that it reads:

   This is great for home sellers—not so great for buyers and renters.

(3) Change the words:

  do benefit from getting into affordable housing

  To read (same number of words):

  get housing at little cost to them

  Likewise, change the wording of this section:

Because the mandates force builders to set aside a specified portion of new development at below-market prices, the other units built have to subsidize the affordable units through higher prices.

  So that it reads, at the same number of words:

Because the mandates force builders to sell a fixed percentage of units at below-market prices, the other units built have to subsidize the below-market-rate units through higher prices.

  The point of the above two rewordings is to reduce the use of the problematically vague term "affordable" (ditto for putting it in quotes in the first recommended change). In the housing conversation, I think it's better to talk about inexpensive housing, because what's affordable to one person may not be affordable to someone else, and it is Orwellian to call housing that costs $800,000 per unit, as I understand some of the subsidized housing does, "affordable".

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))