Prop 215  Tenth Anniversary Celebration - FREE - Sat. Nov. 4, 7-10pm (GLBTQ Community Center)

      Prop 215  Tenth Anniversary Celebration
                 Sat\. Nov 4th\* 2006   7\- 10 PM\. \- San Francisco
          with Dennis Peron, Tod Mikuriya, Dale Gieringer & friends
               Free Entertainment & Food
          at the San Francisco Gay Community Center
              1800 Market St\. @ Octavia
   Contact:  Wayne Justmann \(415\) 441\-3859
    Join us in celebrating  the tenth year of California's Compassionate Use Act with the original crew who helped bring it about it, thanks to your and the voters' support for Californians' right to medicine\.
  \(If you can't make it to SF but are in Sonoma that night, check out the SAMM Harvest Dance at the Sebastopol Community Center, 7pm \- midnite\)
  \*Technically, Prop\. 215 was approved on Nov\. 5th, 1996, becoming law that midnight