Proofread postcard mailing to LPSF members

Please see attached PDF.

This is going to over 340 people and will cost over a hundred bucks, so
please proofread it.

Specifically, Francoise, if I need to change your name or the phone
number for RSVP, please let me know. If they email me, I'll just use
the "Invite more people" link on your Evite to give them the details
that way (easier for both of us, I think).

I want us to start sending these postcards monthly if we can afford it,
so let me know what you think of the overall format. The only new
option we didn't have a few years ago is choice of paper color -- in
addition to white, yellow is now an option. I'd like your feedback.


-_res-1562_Postcard - Regular - One-Sided.pdf (247 KB)