Program Director at UNC Charlotte Cable Television requests Libertarian Alternative

From time to time People running educational TV stations request the Libertarian Alternative and I have often recieved word it is recommended by teachers in California to their students to watch in the Government and Econ classes in California. This is great outreach for us, if you would like to see this show on in your area please contact me at you can see examples of the show online by going to and searching for Mark Selzer. Below is a request for the show from a director of programming who found the show on google video. The exact URL for all shows available online is please spread it around the web as much as possible. Please forward this to as many lists as you can.

Hello Mark,

My name is Jaclyn Allmon and I am the Program Director at UNC Charlotte Cable Television in Charlotte, North Carolina. UNC Charlotte Cable Television is a public access channel in conjunction with UNC Charlotte which offers educational access programming, servicing the metropolitan and rural areas of Charlotte, NC. UNC Charlotte Cable Television airs on Time Warner, Channel 22 in Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to provide video communication services that enhance learning and bring entertaining and informative programming to viewers throughout the region.

I found the Libertarian Alternative webpage, and I wanted to request permission to air this series on our channel? I am very interested in expanding our educational library with content that will help the community become more politically/socially enlightened. Please contact me at your convenience to inform me of the broadcast licensing rights available for PEG Channels, and your method of distribution.

Thanks for your help,

Jaclyn Allmon

Jaclyn Allmon

Program Director

Fax: (704) 687-2682

Phone: (704) 687-3697

Mailing Address:

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Broadcast Communications

J. Murrey Atkins Library

9201 University City Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28223

UNC Charlotte Cable Television

Time Warner Cable, Channel 22


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