Private prison companies are big Drug War supporters

Hi Ann,

  I haven't had time to give your correspondence with Lew Rockwell, et. al., the full, thoughtful response it deserves, but in short while I remain supportive of the SF Patrol Specials, I am extremely wary of private prisons or taxpayer-funded law enforcement in general.
  The Patrol Specials are good largely I think because they are *demand-driven*, that is clients voluntarily pay for their services and they receive almost no taxpayer funding. If they were getting paid by government to go out and enforce laws, I suspect it would be an entirely different scenario. There are far too many bad laws on the books, and groups seeking to keep their government contracts coming are unlikely to scruple at enforcing them.

  The message below that just came my way documents how private prison companies are not even simply enforcing bad laws, but are giving money and lobbying in support of them. I've read elsewhere that CCA has been lobbying for more prison construction.

  I see the fascist agenda of big government coupled with the efficiency of private enterprise as a potential nightmare scenario, the worst of both worlds!

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))