Private military contractor seeks to develop base in eastern San Diego County

Obviously the source of the information below opposes the facility, but although it seems more likely to be a bad than a good thing, I don't have any definite position or views on it at this point beyond general wariness. There's a lot of info here and I haven't read through much of it, but whether this is yet another ominous harbinger of a police state, the growth of a positive alternative to government monopolies on the use of force, or perhaps even both simultaneously, it seems like an item of definite interest to libertarians.

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r86 - 03 Aug 2007 - 15:42:40 - Raymond Lutz You are here: Copswiki >  Common Web > BlackwaterMercenaryCamp

Blackwater Mercenary Camp

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Visit Donate To Stop Blackwater for details!

Portion of Forest Service Map Showing the site. Cleveland National Forest is to the North, and a portion of the purchased property is within the Forest boundary.

 View looking northwest from the entrance of the valley. Chicken coops are the buildings in the distance. See Round Potrero Valley Images for more pictures!
Virtual Visit to the site:

Blackwater USA, part of the Prince Group and one of the largest private military contractors in the world, has proposed "Blackwater West" to be built in a valley just north of the small town of Potrero, in East San Diego County. The facility will comprise 824 acres, and includes a portion of the Cleveland National Forest. The valley is one of a chain of valleys starting in Descanso, part of the original two-million acre preserve originally designated by Teddy Roosevelt. Since then, it has been reduced to 650K acres, and swiss-cheesed with private ownership. This valley has been used as a chicken ranch.
The proposed use will substantially develop the property and utilize it for target practice using pistols and carbines, a two-mile race track for emergency vehicle training, an 18,000 sqft armory, dormitories, mess hall, etc. The intention is to service 300 students each week (15,000 trainees per year) with 60 staff in residence on-site. See Blackwater West Project Description for details, and Detailed Plot Plan.

Current status as of this May 27, 2007 update is that the initial comment period on the DPLU "Notice of Preparation" of the Environmental Impact Report closed May 25th. Those comments and questions will be incorporated into the final Environmental Impact Report. We are now waiting for the DPLU to complete the IER.

Blackwater does not want to admit that they represent a mercenary firm. "Civilians under arms for hire = mercenaries" precisely defines their activities. More than that, they frequently train and deploy foreigners, which makes the point even stronger. Although Blackwater says they will only engage in some activities at the proposed Blackwater West facility near Potrero, such as training of law enforcement and military, there is no licensing or oversight function that exists that can ensure that this is in fact the case, and the function of the facility could change overnight. Its proximity to Mexico is another concern. Was this location selected so they can profit from lucrative border-security contracts, is it preferred so they can train cheap Mexican soldiers for their private army, or is this preferred so they can perform extraordinary rendition of "enemy combatants" in a partner facility in the El Hongo district of Tecate? Unfortunately, due to the Black-Ops contracts with the CIA, NSA, and military industrial complex, we may never know for sure.
One thing is certain, this insanity must be stopped.
Stop Blackwater Presentation, by Raymond Lutz This 50 minute video is your best starting point!
Hot News!

Backcountry Revitalization Violates Brown Act - Latest on our interaction with Sup. Dianne Jacob regarding censorship of public comments at this May 18th meeting in Camp.
We submitted a resolution to the California Democratic Party State Exec. Board in Sacramento: RESOLUTION OPPOSING BLACKWATER WEST AND MERCENARY TRAINING IN CALIFORNIA
Lone Delegate Blocks Democrats  - One democrat used his influence to block both the Blackwater Resolution and Resolutions to stop funding the war.
FOR MORE NEWS -- see the date-sorted list below for Blackwater and Mercenary Army news.
General location and Project Plan

Address: 1876 Round Potrero Road, Potrero, CA 91963 Map
blackwaterWestOverviewFromSDUT.pdf: Overview Map from SDUT
Virtual video tour of the Round Potrero Site - Enjoy this 14-minute video tour, including an interview with one of the closest neighbors to the project.
Satellite Image of the valley - Currently has chicken ranch buildings on the property. Zoom out to see the adjacent areas.
Round Potrero Valley Images - Many more pictures of the site -- Many high resolution!
Cleveland National Forest Map - The project area is just south of the Hauser Wilderness, I think in squares numbered 24, 19, and 20. "Round Potrero Ranch" seems to be the main ranch house. Hauser Creek runs just behind the property and feeds Barrett Lake. Compare this map to the satellite map above as the cleveland national forest is not shown on the Google Map.
Official Department of Planning and Land Use documents
Web Site:
Initial Environmental Impact Report:
New project manager is Jarrett Ramaiya, 858-694-3015
Project Designators: P06-069, R06-019, AP 06-004, Log No. 06-20-001
Lead agency name and address: County of San Diego, Department of Planning and Land Use 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92123-1666
Contact: (Was Greg Krzys, Project Manager (858) 694-3103; gregory.krzys@.... until 4/8 or so)
Send email to Jarrett to get on the official distribution list.
Notice of Preparation:
Blackwater Nop Comments - some comments about this plan making it clear that it should not proceed.
Proposed_Blackwater_Facility_Overall_Site_Plan.pdf: Site plan provided by Blackwater, (Very rough)
BWW_Proj_Descr-1.pdf: Blackwater West - Project Description from earliest proposal documents (2006)
Blackwater West Project Description - OCR'd version of the document above with comments and additional information.
Proposed_Blackwater_detailed_plot_plan.pdf: BWW Detailed Plot Plan (Zoom in to see details)
Potrero Planning Group - Voted 7-0 in a preliminary vote to approve the plan. Jan Hedlun, the newest member of the group, was not included in that vote (taken in December, 2006) as she became active in January. She is the sole opponent of the plan at this time.
A Recall Election is a possibility, and is likely already in process.
Citizens Oversight Projects  has submitted a lengthy document to the Potrero Planning Group making suggestions for their operation and pointing out their violations of the Brown Act.
See video of scoping meeting, listed in media, below.
Bomb Threat At Scoping Meeting - the public parking lot was closed and we were told later that the Sheriff's Dept. was investigating a Bomb Threat.
Proximity To Pacific Crest Trail - PCT is only 3.35 miles away.
DPLUDenial Of Access To Docs - The file at DPLU has been incomplete and many records are being withheld
DPLUUses Blackwater Attorney As Planner  - Attorney Lori Spar represented herself as Blackwater's Attorney at one planning group meeting and at the next, she was suddenly a key planner for the county on the Blackwater project!
Jeremy Scahill visits Potrero and speaks with local residents
Local Blackwater Representative: Brian Bonfiglio: bbonfiglio@...
Anthropology Of Potrero Site  - review of Kumeyaay history and sacred Mount Kuchumaa?
Early Blackwater Emails - Revealing emails we found in the project file describing the cozy working relationship with DPLU.
Site Visit Request - Citizens Oversight has requested that we be allowed to visit the site for unfettered access, for further review by the public.
Potrero Planning Group Meeting 20070710- Comments on the Potrero Planning Group Meeting of 2007-07-10
Blackwater West Promo Video  - Distributed by Blackwater to support the project.
General information about Blackwater

Family members of Blackwater employees killed in Fallujah testify on capitol hill: View Video Rep. Waxman investigates waste, fraud, and abuse by layers of federal contractors.
The Tale of Prince Brave New Films YouTube short video describing Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater.
Frontline program: Private Warriors details the March 31, 2004 Blackwater catastrophe and describes the general situation with private security contractors in Iraq.
Film Iraq for Sale describes legalized stealing by the contractors KBR, CACI, Halliburton, Titan, and Blackwater.
Official Blackwater Book Website:
Make sure you watch the clips from CNN on this page.
Jeremy Scahill came to San Diego on May 1 at the Unitarian Church and May 2 at the La Mesa Community Center
Watch Jeremy Scahill's talk: from the La Mesa event.
Jeremy Scahill visits Potrero and speaks with local residents
Journalist Scahill Charts the Rise of Blackwater USA on NPR's Fresh Air:
Overview of Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill: (4:25)
Next, view the report by CNN available on the Blackwater site:
Democracy now had two great interviews of Jeremy Scahill, the author of "Blackwater"
Blackwater In Moyock - Their North Carolina facility is in Moyock.
Blackwater North - About 125 miles west of Chicago.
"Blackwater Rising" Chicago abc segment on Blackwater North: - Activist group organizing to fight the Blackwater North facility.
Are Blackwater Employees Mercenaries - Discussion and editorial about this difficult question.
Articles and Media:

Blackwater West  -- , Blackwater, Screen shots of video provided by Blackwater
Guns for Hire: Afghanistan  -- , Princess Productions,,
Bush comments on Private Military Contractors  -- George WBush?, SAIS - School of Advanced International Studies, 2006-04-10
Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater -- Jeremy Scahill, The Nation, 2006-05-08
Blackwater USA challenged on Philippines plans -- Bill Sizemore, Virginian Pilot, 2006-06-20
Whores of war -- Dan Mariano, Manila Times?, 2006-06-28
Iraq: New Blackwater Contract  -- , , 2006-08-07 [$7,161,101 firm-fixed-price contract for Iraq security through 9/30/2008]
Blackwater link costs Halliburton  -- Jay Price?, News And Observer?, 2007-02-08
Blackwater USA hires Ford workers to build new APC  -- David Macaulay, , 2007-02-20
Blackwater brass forms intelligence company  -- Bill Sizemore, Virginian Pilot, 2007-02-21
Tiny Potrero Battles County and Blackwater USA -- Don Bauder, San Diego Reader, 2007-02-22
Battle Lines Drawn: Residents of rural Potrero fight to halt Blackwater’s proposed military training camp -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-03-08 Three part article published march 8, 15, 22
Security-training center proposed in Homeland -- Kimberly Trone?, Press Enterprise?, 2007-03-19
Massive security contractor faces growing protest in rural California town over 824-acre base -- Miriam Raftery, Raw Story, 2007-04-03
Mission: Controversial - Reaction mixed to contractor's plan to train forces in East County -- Anne Krueger, Union Tribune, 2007-04-05
Full video of Blackwater Scoping Meeting -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-04-05
Mercenary Camp -- , KNSD-TV, 2007-04-05 Features Carl Meyer?, Raymond Lutz
Photos of protesters at Scoping meeting -- Carol Jahnkow, , 2007-04-05
Potrero Residents Oppose Training Facility -- , KUSI News, 2007-04-05
Town fights for its peace and quiet: A plan for a camp to train civilian guards for Iraq duty draws fire from rural San Diego County residents and antiwar activists. -- Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, 2007-04-10
Filner pledges to help halt Blackwater USA -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-04-12
Filner wants review of Blackwater: He considers bill to stop Potrero plan -- Anne Krueger, Union Tribune, 2007-04-14
Democrats Oppose Plans for Paramilitary Camp in Potrero: Party Votes to Protect East County Preserve from Blackwater Development -- Media Committee, San Diego Democratic Party, 2007-04-19
Blackwater Plans for New Military Facility Near San Diego Draws Fire From Residents, Peace Activists and Local Congressmember -- Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Rep. Bob Filner, Raymond Lutz, Democracy Now, 2007-04-19
County Won't Release All Blackwater Docs -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-04-19
Blackwater in Potrero? No way -- Lionel Van Deerlin, Union Tribune, 2007-04-19
Plan for Training Camp Draws Antiwar Ire -- , Boston Globe, 2007-04-22 Reprint of Tony Perry 2007-04-10 Article
Blackwater USA and The Backup Training Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership: Companies aim to promote each other's products and services.  -- Blackwater, PRWEB, 2007-04-23
Ed Schultz Show, 23 Apr 2007, Hour One -- Ed Schultz, Ed Schultz Show, 2007-04-23 skip to about 2/3 of the way through the hour. Recorded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Gone -- Julia Whitty?, Mother Jones?, 2007-04-25 About species extinction figures by the eminent EO Wilson of Harvard and about the Wildlands Project to establish four major corridors or "megalinkages" in North America to head off extinction. One corridor is along the Pacific via the Sierra Nevada into the Baja Peninsula. The proposed Blackwater camp is surely on the pathway.
Blackwater executive joins Romney in presidential campaign -- Associated Press, Fayetteville Observer, 2007-04-26 We won't vote for Romney, will we!
Potrero-Blackwater battle in national spotlight -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-04-26
Contractor 'enriched' by experience -- Ted Roelofs, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-04-29
Holland native, his security firm cash in on war -- Ted Roelofs, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-04-29
Firm claims same rights as Army -- Ted Roelofs, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-04-29
Plane crash leaves anger, questions -- Ted Roelofs, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-04-29
A Broad Look at Blackwater USA Jeremy Scahill -- Jeremy Scahill, Full Focus, 2007-05-01
Debate between Jeremy Scahill and Doug Brooks, president of the International Peace Operations Association -- Jeremy Scahill, Doug Brooks, These Days?, 2007-05-02
Lawsuit filed against Potrero group, county -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-05-03
Potrero Planning Group Meeting, May 10, 2007 -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-05-10 Three Parts
Panel in hot water over Blackwater vote: Recall petition, lawsuit under way -- Anne Krueger, Union Tribune, 2007-05-12
Mercenary Training Ground. -- Quintrala Lispergul??, Gringo Gazette, 2007-05-14 [Blackwater looking at El Hongo area of Tecate for training camp]
Nothing mercenary about Blackwater activities -- Erik Prince, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-05-16 [Blackwater hires foreigners and these definitely qualify as mercenaries!]
Seven Potrero Planners Served with Recall Notices -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-05-17
"Backcountry Revitalization" meeting -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-05-18
Suit against Blackwater over contractor deaths moves to arbitration -- Bill Sizemore, Virginian Pilot, 2007-05-20 [Incredible move by Blackwater to process the Fallujah victims by arbitration.]
Blackwater author visits Holland -- Shandra Martinez, Grand Rapids Press, 2007-05-20
Public scrutiny for private armies -- , Virginian Pilot, 2007-05-22
Pivotal Family Lawsuit Against Blackwater USA Blocked from Court -- and Moved to Panel with Company Ties -- Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Bill Sizemore, Democracy Now, 2007-05-23
News 8 Exclusive: Secret "Covert Canyon" Training Camp Operating In Alpine -- Marc Halcon?, News8, 2007-05-23 [Includes two parts]
Owner: Site being targeted -- Anne Krueger, Union Tribune, 2007-05-26 He says Covert Canyon has been wrongly tied to Blackwater's plans
U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad: Blackwater Employees Were Involved in Two Shooting Incidents in Past Week -- Steve Fainaru and Saad al-Izzi, Washington Post, 2007-05-27
Lawsuit in Outsourced US War is Moved Out of Court -- Bernd Debusmann?, Reuters, 2007-05-27
County Ceases Canyon’s Covert Operation -- Miriam Raftery, East County Californian, 2007-05-31 Covert Canyon's owner has been linked to Blackwater.
Stop Blackwater Presentation -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-06-01
What if our mercenaries turn on us? -- Chris Hedges?, Philadelphia Inquirer?, 2007-06-03
Covert Canyon Video Tour -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-06-05
Blackwater CEO Speaks on Virginia Tech  -- Mike Baker?, Associated Press, 2007-06-07
U.S. Coast Guard patrols Persian Gulf: Risky mission includes boarding ships to search for weapons and terrorists. -- Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, 2007-06-07
Blackwater Heavies Sue Families of Slain Employees for $10 Million in Brutal Attempt to Suppress Their Story -- Daniel J. Callahan and Marc P. Miles, AlterNet, 2007-06-08
Blackwater-backed Torture Flights Caught in the UK -- Adam Howard?, AlterNet, 2007-06-10
Marine families tie tainted water to illnesses: High toxin levels found at N.C. base from 1957 to '87 -- Kimberly Hefling?, Associated Press, 2007-06-13 Links contamination to activities at training bases.
Blackwater on the Border -- Nancy Conroy, Gringo Gazette, 2007-06-14 Statement from the Editor
Pull the plug on the mercenary war -- Jeremy Scahill, Global Research, 2007-06-15
Soldiers of fortune: The presence of private military corps in Iraq raises questions—and the stakes -- Sandra Svoboda?, City Beat?, 2007-06-20
Wind Zero Presentation -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-06-23 1hr 20min
US-IRAQ: Blackwater Blues for Dead Contractors Families  -- Bill Berkowitz, , 2007-06-29
Ocotillo training facility proposed -- Anne Krueger, Union Tribune, 2007-07-03
Private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Iraq  -- T. Christian Miller, Los Angeles Times, 2007-07-04 [The numbers include at least 21,000 Americans, 43,000 foreign contractors and about 118,000 Iraqis, not including private security]
Gazprom to raise its own private army to protect oil installations  -- Carl Mortished, , 2007-07-05 [Corporate Mercenary armies... The wave of the future? ]
Sacred Rocks Near Potrero  -- Raymond Lutz, Donna Lee, Citizens Oversight, 2007-07-07
Blackwater team sent wrong way -- Associated Press, Boston Globe, 2007-07-08
Memos blame Blackwater ambush on orders to leave unprepared -- Joseph Neff?, Virginian Pilot, 2007-07-08
Blackwater Military Firm Bears Extended Local Backlash  -- Amita Sharma, KPBS Full Focus, 2007-07-13
Gunsmoke on the water as Navy trains on Cape Fear -- Walter Taylor?, Bladen Journal?, 2007-07-17 [NC Paper near Moyock]
Blackwater proposal sparks partisan politics in rural Potrero  -- Christy Scott, East County Californian, 2007-07-19
Wind Zero Q&A and Site Visit  -- Raymond Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 2007-07-21
'America's private army' under fire for Illinois facility: Anti-war activists, locals are wary about military contractor's new training site  -- EATorriero, Chicago Tribune, 2007-07-23 Includes video
Blackwater Opponents Say County Employee Has Conflict of Interest  -- Amita Sharma, KPBS Full Focus, 2007-07-24
Outsourcing National Intelligence  -- RJHillhouse, The Nation, 2007-07-25
Total Intelligence Solutions Expands with New Security and Investigations Division - Names Craig T. Johnson Director  -- Blackwater, PRNewswire, 2007-07-25 [ See ]
Blackwater supports inquiry into fatal shooting  -- Bill Sizemore, Virginian Pilot, 2007-07-25
Why demonize Iraq war contractors?  -- Lawrence J. Haas, Union Tribune, 2007-07-31 [Haas, former communications director to Vice President Al Gore, is vice president of the Committee on the Present Danger, an anti-terrorism group.]
Blackwater USA president outlines firm's future plans  -- , Charlotte Observer?, 2007-07-31
A very private war  -- Jeremy Scahill, Guardian, 2007-08-01
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Related Organizations

Back Country Land Trust of the San Diego Conservation Resources Network
I have asked Duncan McFetridge of Save Our Forest And Ranchlands to provide his presentation as a video so we can distribute it more widely, as it is the only presentation where I have seen a picture of the valley and its relationship to the other remaining open space in the Cleveland National Forest.
Area of service of the Back Country Land Trust, San Diego Conservation Resources Network:
Multiple Species Conservation Plan - Does not explicitly include this area.
California Wilderness Coalition - Describes Hauser Wilderness Additions, which border the site to the north. - San Diego regional federal wilderness campaign, including Hauser Wilderness Additions - Activist group organizing to fight the Blackwater North facility.
Related Research

Gunfire Noise Analysis - Our attempt to critique the "computer Model" of the gunfire analysis
DPLU_Notification_List_0766_001.pdf: List of people notified by DPLU of the project
Paramilitary Camps - Various paramilitary and lethal force camps
Covert Canyon - discovered in May, and County stopped operation. Was Blackwater behind exposing this (competitor) facility? Perhaps. There is certainly less need for shooting ranges, etc. if Covert Canyon was already in operation.
Wind Zero - New proposal in the Imperial valley, just after the split of I-8 and 98.
Procinctu Group - "The Ranch" -- Camp in riverside.
Paramilitary Law - Laws that restrict the formation of private armies withing the US.
Suitable Locations For Training - Existing or closed military bases may be more suitable for training. (This whole topic assumes you think private training camps is a smart idea. Most people I talk with don't, for many reasons.)
Williamson Act - The California Land Conservation Act, better known as the Williamson Act, has been the state’s premier agricultural land protection program since its enactment in 1965. The Round Potrero Valley is protected by such a contract
Take Action

Keep in touch: Blackwater Email List

We have established a list specifically for discussion of this important issue: Subscribe Now!
Help circulate Petitions:
Stop Blackwater Petitions: Please print these out and help gather signatures. Please note that the Department of Planning and Land Use has already stated that this has state-wide implications, and that is the reason for the EIR process. Therefore, if you are a California resident, or even anyone who is a citizen and is concerned about our national forests and wilderness areas, YOU CAN SIGN TOO!
Stop Blackwater Petition you can print: StopBlackwaterPetition.pdf
Stop Blackwater Web Petition: Please submit your opposition!
Environmental Impact Report Comments

The Department of Planning and Land use has requested comments. Send email to: jarrett.ramaiya@... and those will be incorporated into the report. Or, click here: Stop Blackwater Web Petition and we'll make sure it gets submitted in as many places as possible.
Mail in your comments and letters: This is a bit better as it will show additional effort on your part. (However, detailed comment on the EIR is better left till after they complete it). Send to:
Project manager: Jarrett Ramaiya, jarrett.ramaiya@... 858-694-3015
Project Designators: P06-069, R06-019, AP 06-004, Log No. 06-20-001
Lead agency name and address: County of San Diego, Department of Planning and Land Use 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92123-1666
Stop Blackwater Letter Campaign: send letters to county and state officials

Visit this page to edit/print suggested letters: Stop Blackwater Letter Campaign
Organizations who Oppose Blackwater

Stop Blackwater Organizations - Add your organization to this list... Let us know how you can help!
Contribute to the Stop Blackwater fund

Donate To Stop Blackwater - Click here to donate by check or credit card. Please help!

Please add your comments regarding this page:

Help On Making Comments
From "Registered Lobbyists"
Clay, Nicole and Saathoff, Stephanie of Carpi & Clay
Are listed representing Blackwater USA. This is the same lobbying firm that represents the County of San Diego(?)
-- Raymond Lutz - 03 May 2007

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Area of service of the Back Country Land Trust, San Diego Conservation Resources Network

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Blackwater West - Project Description from earliest proposal documents (2006)

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View looking North-East on target valley.

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Site plan provided by Blackwater, (Very rough)

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Forest Service Map extraction

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BWW Detailed Plot Plan

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Flier for Jeremy Scahill (With corrected address)

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List of people notified by DPLU of the project

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Final Jeremy Scahill Flier for May 1/2

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Resolution by San Diego County Democratic Party in Opposition to Blackwater West.

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Stop Blackwater Petition -- Pass around and mail in when complete!

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Overview Map from SDUT