Pride Sign-Making party: Wednesday!

Kelly Simpson wrote:

I'm free on Wednesday afternoon and evening, so I could bring the
materials I have, pick you up, and drive you where you need to go.

That would be fantastic. I'll e-mail you off-list.

June 21 is the first day of summer. According to a children's book I
read, having a bonfire is one of the solstice traditions. The evening
before might be the traditional time, but anyway, it could be fun to
have a little bonfire on the beach after making the signs. I went to one
recently, and the woman who organized it said you don't need a permit
for fewer than 25 people. We could pick up some wood in my car.

Solstice bonfires - or any bonfire for that matter - are lots of fun. So
that's an added incentive for folks: if you show up and we make lots of
signs in time, we can go over to the beach for a fire. Maybe we can burn
the old tattered signs. (-: (Atheia only knows what kind of fumes would
come off the old markers...)