Pride Festival 2011 Outright Libertarian Booth

Dear All,

Pride Festival is this weekend June 25th and 26th. "Outright Libertarians" will be hosting a vendor booth, offering literature, stickers, buttons, and of course the traditional World's Smallest Political Quiz. The booth will be located in front of the Bill Graham Auditorium. Please come and visit.

If you are attending Pride, please share that with the world by voting "Yes" in the new poll on our website

While you are at our website, read the posted excerpt from the great libertarian pamphlet "Honoring LGBTQQII Rights -- And Everyone Else's: A Libertarian Tradition, by Michael Acree. If you want to read the entire article, please e-mail Chair@..., and I will PDF a copy to you.



Thanks, Marcy! Great job of picking out the best sentences!

I'm planning a reunion in August with relatives I haven't seen for 47
years, and was wondering what they might find out if they googled my
name. It used to be that the gay rights pamphlet was one of the first
things that came up; I was surprised when it didn't show up just now
until page 37. I was even more surprised to find out the reason: The
author is listed as Rob Power.

Hi Mike,

Nobody asked me, but I would like to indicate that I do not believe Rob belongs to the LPSF Discuss List, so he did not see your post, or is able to give an explanation. BTW, when anyone posts something on,say, Facebook, their name appears, maybe that's what may have happened.


Thanks, Marcy. It would seem strange if a Facebook posting would change the LPSF website, but I'll copy Rob and see what he says.

By default, whomever posts an article in Joomla is listed as the Author
based on their Joomla login. But there is an "Author Alias" field, and I
just copied Michael Acree into it for that article. Please take another
look now.

That was incredibly fast!!